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Greg Gernes, DC
Chiropractor Muskego WI

Greg Gernes Chiropractor Muskego
About Muskego Chiropractor Greg Gernes

Award Winning Chiropractic Care

Hi, I am Greg Gernes, a chiropractor in Muskego WI who specializes in family chiropractic care.

As a kid, I would receive regular chiropractic treatments. I seen first hand the importance of regular chiropractic care and benefits it has on the human body. My doctor help me understand how the body moves and the ways stress and other factors can impact the way the body functions. I now share this with my patients so they can better understand their condition and get the most from their treatments.

My patients range in age from infants and children to adults and seniors. Some are active in sports, others are expecting a child, have desk or manufacturing jobs, suffer from an array of medical conditions, or are just looking to do more of what they enjoy without pain. Personally, I believe that everyone can benefit from chiropractic care.

A your first visit, we will review your general health, current/past injuries, activity level and goals. I will then perform a physical assessment and discuss my findings and recommended treatment plan with you.

Outside of work,I enjoy hiking, camping, hunting and working out. I also enjoy watching movies, checking out all the local food spots, game nights with friends and keeping up with my favorite sports teams.


Prenatal Chiropractic / Pregnancy Chiropractor

You can experience a more comfortable pregnancy and delivery with safe, proactive chiropractic care. It can help manage pain in your back, hips, and joints, as well as establish pelvic balance which can provide your baby with as much space as possible over the course of your pregnancy.

Pediatric Chiropractic / Childrens Chiropractic

Your toddler, infant and young child can benefit from improvements in sleep, behavior, attitude, and immune system function. Gentle chiropractic adjustments can also help with ADD/ADHD, colic, torticollis, ear infections, bed-wetting, digestive problems, allergies, asthma, seizures and more.

Sports Chiropractic / Sports Chiropractor

Whether you are an aspiring or professional athlete, chiropractic care can help you stay at the top of game. As a sports chiropractic patient, you will experience fewer injuries, recover faster after workouts or injuries, and enhance your overall athletic performance.

Family Chiropractic / Family Chiropractor

Improve and maintain optimal health of each of your family members through chiropractic care. Beyond pain relief, gentle spinal adjustments can restore mobility to restricted joints and significantly improve symptoms of a wide array of health conditions.

Certified Medical Examiners (CME)

If you are a new employee, student, amateur athlete or professional driver, our certified chiropractors can perform a complete sports, school, pre-employment, or Department Of Transportation (DOT) physical examination, including blood work analysis.

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Muskego Chiropractor Greg Gernes

Education & Training

  • D.C. Degree, Northwestern College of Chiropractic, Bloomington, Minnesota
  • B.S. Degree, Concordia, Saint Paul, Minnesota
  • Member, Wisconsin Chiropractic Associations

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